Last we checked there was no shortage of fitness apps on the market. 

  • Want to grow your glutes in 90 days (Download)
  • Want to get shredded abs (Download)
  • My favorite fitness influencer recommended this new and improved fitness app (Download)
  • Last but not least, the Ultimate In-Home Workout App (Download)

There are more than 97,000 Health and Fitness apps available for download on mobile and tablet devices. As you can see options are plentiful. 

So why WholeBod? Why become Health and Fitness app number 97,001? The answer is simple, We LIke Odd Numbers! OR is it that we like the odds stacked against us?

Truth be told we like a lot of the fitness apps on the market. We have used plenty of them and they have all given great individual results.

  • We learned how to count macros for weight gain/loss
  • We learned the importance of circuit training
  • We adpoted connected fitness
  • We worked out in 15 minutes in a hotel gym
  • We even transformed our bodies into our favorite fitness influencers (well almost anyways!)

All of the above are great individually and each one addresses one component of physical fitness. It is human nature to do what we enjoy and what we are good at (and that makes complete sense). The problem is if you only do one type of training routine, you will have problems. It doesn't matter how healthy your form of exercise is, if you just do it soley, not only won't you be well balanced,  you will most likely run into an over use injury. You need variation in your workout routine and unfortunately the majority of the fitness apps do not provide enough variation to create complete balance.

For example, if you only run with no strength training  you are prone to ligament damage. If you strength train only and neglect flexiblity you are proned to muscule tears. Get the picture?

We have incorporated the full spectrum of physical fitness.


  1. Muscular Strength - The ability to generate maximal force for one repetition.
  2. Muscular Endurance - The abiltiy to perform repetitive work over a prolonged period of time.
  3. Cardiovascular Endurance - The ability of the heart and lungs to deliver the oxygen needed to fuel the body during exercise in addition to the body's abilty to utilize the oxygen efficiently.
  4. Flexiblity - To bend, moving in full range of motion at our joint structure.
  5. Body Composition - The amounts of bone, body fat, lean tissue and fluid each individual is made of.

The purpose of WholeBod is empower its users with complete control of their health and wellness journey. We do this by;

  • Creating healthy behaviors 
  • Educating Users
  • Providing Tangible Resources
  • Enriching the Health and Wellness community
  • Challenging the body for peak performance
  • Creating balance within the body 

We are extremely excited to introduce ourselves to the Health and Wellness world! Our goal is not to be the best fitness app on the market but to be your personal health and wellness companion on your journey to a healthier lifestyle. So if along the way we so happen to become the best fitness app in the market that woudl just be the cherry on top.